Gamification Foundations Video

Hi everyone-

Please watch the “Gamification Foundations” video linked below. The video is done by Dr. Karl Kapp, our guest speaker this Friday. It will provide you some background information on gamification theory so that you can benefit more from his presentation on Friday where he will discuss applications and how-tos.

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Six Practical Strategies to Improve Your Online Course

Hi everyone-

Please block off an hour on your calendar right now to watch the link below (if I don’t do something like that I will never end up watching this!!).  By placing this in your calendar it ensure you dedicate time to watch the webinar prior to our meeting on 2/28.  This webinar is very informative to help create student centered learning opportunities in your online course.  We will have access to this link for 30 days!  There are also handouts available once you click on the link below.



Five Pedagogical Practices for Improving Your Online Course +

Hi all,

As we launch, and (in keeping with the metaphor) ride, this initiative, look to this blog for links, tips, and insights from the Distance Education staff and Scott Heinerichs, who you all know is your faculty associate for The Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Center (TLAC) –or, as I like to fondly refer to it (a la Mel Brooks), “The Institute.” Ha ha.

Scott will be helping to lead this initiative and offering his tips and resources as they relate to online pedagogy –and his boundless energy -to this … well, in  keeping with Mel Brooks, antidote to “high anxiety” –at least the high anxiety which may come with teaching online. See below for his first link.

Stay safe and warm.


Stephanie Taitano

Instructional Designer

The Office of Distance Education

Links to Check

Scott Heinerich’s Tip: “Five Pedagogical Practices for Improving Your Online Course” from MAGNA publications.

Stephanie’s Mel Brook’s Reference, “High Anxiety.”

Welcome to the WCU DE Initiative!

This Week in the DE Initiative

1. Catch Up Time. If you haven’t already done so, …

2. Save The Date For: Online Learning Round Table Discussion:  ePortfolios in Higher Education with Dr. Irma Van Scoy

  • When: Wed, March 26, 11:30am – 1:00pm
  • Where: Sykes 115
  • Description

RSVP and join us for an engaging conversation … with Dr. Irma Van Scoy. We will discuss how eportfolios can and are being used across disciplines in higher education and, for graduating students, beyond …