This Week in the DE Initiative

Hello All,

Tomorrow is our final general DEI meeting! If you have not yet attended two general meetings, then please schedule tomorrow’s event. Note there is a gamification workshop on Friday as well.

Tuesday, April 8th: 3:15-4:15, Sykes 115

DEI Meeting Four: Advanced D2L and Course Module Design Concepts

**This is the final DEI General Meeting. Attendance at this meeting satisfies the Second Meeting Initiative Requirement.**


There is more to cover than can be demonstrated in one hour, so vote here for what you most want to see.

  • Advanced (aka hidden) D2L Features and Functionality
    • Online Rooms
    • Automated Communication
    • Learning Paths
  • Design Concepts and Processes
    • Home Page Design in D2L
    • Modular Page Design in D2L

Friday, April 11, from 11-12, Anderson 24

Online Learning Workshop: Introduction to Gamification



  • Gamification defined
  • Game theory applied as a teaching method
  • Ideas for easing into games




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