This Week in the DE Initiative


1.       DEI eLearning Round Table Lunch: Academic Integrity and Online Proctoring

  • Thursday, March 13th from 11:30-1, Sykes 115
  • RSVP: 
  • RSVP and join us for an engaging conversation … We will focus on digital assessment options, including how to ensure the academic integrity of online exams.

2.       DEI Meeting Two: Ensuring Academic Integrity Using Test Proctoring + Web Tools!

  • **Attendance at this meeting satisfies the Second Meeting Initiative Requirement.**
  • Friday, March 14th, Sykes 252   
  • Prepare for Meeting #2 by
    • Viewing the Pedagogical/Web Tool Wheel
    • Selecting a tool from the wheel
    • Exploring the tool
    • **Arriving prepared to share your chosen tool with the group**

**Need help preparing? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!**

 Pedagogical Foundations from Scott Heinerich

  • Here is the ppt from our initial session.  When looking at the Ipadagogy Wheel attempt to match your course topic objectives (i.e. action verbs- demonstrate, remember, evaluate etc.) to the action verbs in the wheel to see what tools you may consider utilizing.
  • Also Constance shared another visual that discusses Bloom’s taxonomy and different types of tools instructors can use to “assess” levels of learning within their assignments: Tools for Engaging.  (Thanks Constance!) .
  • If you have not begun your course transformation yet consider using Getting Started Course Template to help you organize what you are going to do during the online sessions.  It will be much easier for you to execute if you have planned it out.  As we discussed this can be overwhelming so the mantra should be “Start with One.”
  • Finally, see this article from Magna Publications on Evaluating Online Discussions. It aligns with our discussion.

Workshop Follow Up: eLearning Communities

Whether you made the workshop or not, one hour is not much time to cover concepts and practices, so check it out here. This short video is an instroduction to thinking about your course as an elearning community and covers the required paradigmatic shift as well as specific things to do before, during, and after the course.

Remember to Follow Along …

It’s important to PARTICIPATE in an online community before you try to lead one.

  • Subscribe to Stephanie on YouTube: Then all the new tutorials will automatically be saved in your personal YouTube subscription area: you’ll always be up to date!

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